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Properties of Fabric ~ A must for ALL designers.

  Link to YouTube VIDEO --> So on that note, let's look at properties of fabric. The video you're about to watch is a preview from one of my fashion design courses available online on Fashion Premier Academy. Roll it. When we look at some basic properties of fabric, there are certain features which we have to consider, such as, weight W E I G HT. Refers to the thickness, the weight, how light or heavy is it? A top weight or a lightweight, for example, is suitable for blouses, um, whereas a bottom weight would be used for pan. Or coats or dresses and so on. The next is drape, which means how does it drape, how does it hang, how does it move? Is it fluid or is it stiff? Does it have liquid like properties, silk, chiffon, rayon, satin fabrics are some of the. Fabrics that drape really nicely. Next is durability. In simple terms, it just means will it last a long time? How long will this garment last before it&

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